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Visit Britain's wealth of musical talent at British Jazz before you buy your next CD. There's a world
of excellent home grown jazz to explore besides the Armstrongs, Basies and Coltranes.

The names might not be as familiar but just listen to the quality.
Give it a try !!!

The Jazz Fiddler,Alex Yellowlees,Spiritoso,Hot Club Style,Peak Performance,Kind Of Blue,A Thought of NYU,The Blake Wilner Quartet,The Joint is Jumping,The Chris Walker Swingtet,A Louisiana Fairytale,Swing Fever,Dave Shepherd,Esta Bueno,El Equipo,Afternoon Moon,Patrick Naylor's Soundial,Momentito,Ian Price/David Beebee Band,Tea and Scandal,Julian
Costello Quintet,Gaya,David Beebee,Patrick Naylor Quartet,Square One,Davide Mantovani,Oooh! That Kiss,The Elastic Band,Bossa Britanica,Earl Okin,Dig A Little Deeper,The Groovechasers,Moving On,Chris Flegg,Nuages,Gypsy Jazz
and more,Please Don't Talk About Me,Kim Proven,God Bless The Child,Mood Indigo featuring Will Grealish,Wild Strings Quartet,Hot at the Dot,Louis Lince's Jelly Roll Kings,Dance Hall Days,Melody Inn Quartet,Tenor Madness,Jeremy
Huggett's Band of Gold,Dedications,Through Rose-Coloured Glasses,Mark Lockheart,Imaginary Dances,Matheran,John Parricelli,Snap Clatter,Perfect Houseplants,New Folk Songs,Extempore,Extempore II,Andres Prado Trio,Impish,Phil
Robson,To the power of three,Azilut,Sourpuss,Partizans,Myrmidons,The Hungry Ants,Infinite Riches In A Little Room,Huw Warren,Dave Chandler's Lamb & Flag Band,Cycle City,Zubop,Freewheeling,Hiptodisiac,Tekezze,Saudade,Sugarloaf
Boogie,Retro Spectrum,Richard Shelton,Long Ago Tomorrow,Siobhan Pettit,Verse & Chorus,New Orbits,Present Tense featuring Paul Dunmall,So Long Angel,Unbroken Dream,Rossini Jazz,Turnin' Silver,Steve King Big Band,Stomping at the
Savoy,Deep n' Blue,Steve Skinner,I Guess There's an End to Everything,The Denise Lawrence Band,Music Maestro Please,Trevor Watts and the Celebration Band,The Bookshop,The Blake Wilner Quartet,The Suspect,Frank Griffith
& Tom Harrell,Ealing Jazz Festival 2000,Frank Griffith Nonet,Introducing High Brass,Higher,The Calling,The Clark Tracey Quintet,The Reprieve,Blake Wilner Quartet,Question 21,Dan Forshaw,Until The Real Thing Comes Along,The
Simon Banks Trio,13 bands - great souvenir,Bude Jazz Festival 1991 Compilation,Live At The Isle of Bute Jazz Festival,
Phil Mason's New Orleans All Stars with Marilyn Middleton Pollock,Being Frank With You,The Frank Brooker Quartet,12 bands live!,Bude Jazz Festival 1992 Compilation,Engineers Blues,The Meridian Jazz Band, New Orleans Here
We Come,The John Maddocks Jazzmen,Traditionally British,Roger Marks' Armada Jazz Band, Going Home (A Tribute to Ken Colyer),Norman Thatcher's New Orleans Jazz Band with guest Chris Blount,11 great tracks from 11 great bands!,Bude
Jazz Festival 1993 Compilation,Algiers Strut,The John Maddocks Jazzmen,14 bands sampled from another great week,Bude Jazz Festival 1994 Compilation,St. Philips St. Breakdown,A Tribute to Bunk & Joe,Chris Tyle & The Gambit Jazzmen,1995 Remembered - 10 tracks,Bude Jazz Festival 1995 Compilation,Maryland to Moscow,The Arthur Brown Jazz Band,Live at the Excise House,Gerry Brown's Mission Hall Jazz Band,Live at Bude 1996,The Chris Blount New Orleans
Jazz Band, Sweetheart of all my Dreams,The John Maddocks Jazzmen,Savoy Blues to Weary Blues - it's all here! - 14 great tracks,Bude Jazz Festival 1996 Compilation, Moten Swing with Keith Nichols, John Wurr, Jo Cadman,Moten Swing at the
Tenth Bude Jazz Festival,Off the Cuff,Shine On, The Alamo, Roy Williams & The Bernie Farrenden Quintet,Follow Your Hearts,The Heart of England Jazz Band,All the best from Bude - 13 bands,Bude Jazz Festival 1997 Compilation,
Dream of New Orleans, Barbara Widmer's New Revival Band,Thank You Mr. Moon,The Chris Blount
New Orleans Jazz Band,C'est Magnifique,Roger Marks' Armada Jazz Band,The Beachcombers with Kenny Baker, Go Dutch 1998,Panama Jazz Kings,There'll Come Another Day,Messin' Around,Chris Tyle & Gambit Jazzmen,Somewhere
Over The Rainbow, Duncan Swift,Roger Marks,Craig Milverton,Weavers of Dreams,Roy Williams and the Frank Brooker Quartet,Solo,Tony Lawrence,Uptown Bumps,The Black Snake Jazz Band,Strings 'n' Things,Kenny Ball,Down The
Line,Colin 'Barrelhouse' Banagan,Reeds 'n' Rhythm,The Chris Pearce Trio with Roger Bennett,Tailgate Ramble,Roger Marks' Armada Jazz Band,Sitting on a Kerbstone,Gambit Jazzmen,12 tracks from memorable performances Bude
Jazz Festival 1998 Compilation,Runnin' Wild, Richard Bennett's New Orleans Jazz Band,Celebrating 10 Years at the Town Hall,The Chicago Teddy Bears Society Jazz Band,Piggly Wiggly,Panama Jazz Kings,Three at Last,The Craig Milverton Trio,Coconut Island,Moonshine Sue,Boal and the Panama Jazz Kings,11 bands - great souvenir of this great festival, Bude Jazz Festival 1999 Compilation,A Dreamer's Holiday Vol 1,Gambit Jazzmen with Chris Tyle & Tim Laughlin,A Dreamer's Holiday Vol 2,Gambit Jazzmen with Chris Tyle & Tim Laughlin,It's A Jazz Life,Craig Milverton with Orlando LeFleming and Steve Brown,World on a String,Maggie Reeday,Masquerade, Martin Dale Quartet,Blues Walk,Robin Reece Jazzmen,The Second Botany Bay Session, Chris Watford's New Orleans Standard Bearers,Mission Accomplished, Gerry Brown's Mission Hall Jazz Band,On the Chalumeau,Mike Snelling,Roll Along Prairie Moon,Heart of my Heart,The Heart of England Jazz Band,Live at Bude 1999,Tribute to the Twenties,Des Bacon's Red Hot Syncopators,Live at Hinton St. George Festival 2000,Sunset Café Stompers with Pauline Pearce, Shine with the Beachcombers,Am I Blue,Steve Graham & Mike Denham,The Talk of the Town,John Barnes, Roy Williams and the Craig Milverton Trio,Emperor Norton's Hunch,
Jim Shelley's Frisco Jazz Band,Down South,Sunset Café Stompers,Inn on the Green,Delta Four,14 Bands - a great memento,Bude Jazz Festival 2000 Compilation, My Blue Heaven,Barbara Widmer's New Revival Band,Encore,John Shillito
& The Rhythm Aces,This is what we do,Simon Banks & Kevin Grenfell, Down Your Way,'Sir' Alan's Jazz Band,Red Sails in the Sunset,Boston Tea Party 2,Boston Tea Party,Jazz Me Two,Joy Parke & Dave Soby,Serenade in Blue, Robin Reece Jazzmen,Live at Bude Jazz Club Christmas Party 2000, Charlie Connor and Chris Watford's Blue Five,Heatwave,Junction 27,Jeremy Huggett's Band of Gold,How Deep is the Ocean,Steve Chisholm,Breeze,Joy Parke,Lull
at Dawn,Gambit Jazzmen,Milverton Blues,Zenith Joys,Zenith Hot Stompers with Humphrey Lyttelton, Everybody Loves Saturday Night,Zenith Hot Stompers,High Society, Don't Go Away Nobody,Bob Reynolds New Society Jazz Band,The Pearls,Mike Denham,Where's That Tiger?,I'll See You In My Dreams,Malc Hurrell's Jazz Conscripts,Together
at Bude Jazz Club,Black Snake Jazz Band,The Blount Band,Bob Reynolds New Society Jazz Band,16 tracks capturing another superb festival,Bude Jazz Festival 2001 Compilation,It's better than that,Simon Banks & Kevin Grenfell,The Woodpecker Years,Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On,Red Beans 'n' Rice,Jazz at the Strathallan 28.5.78., Max Collie's Rhythm Aces, Jazz at the Strathallan 31.10.76., Frog Island Jazz Band,Jazz at the Strathallan 7.11.76.,The Roy Kirby Paragon
Jazz Band,Midnight Hour Blues,Black Snake Jazz Band,Ad Mission,Stealing Apples,Mike Snelling Quartet,Live at the Globe,Heart of England Jazz Band, For Your Pleasure,Historic compilation of Oxford University Jazz Bands, Oxford Jazz Through the Years - 1926 - 1963,Sugar & Spice,Monday Date, Sunset Café Stompers, Jazz at the Lutts, Jo Adman & The Chris Pearce Trio plus Roger Bennett, Jazz for the Connoisseur,Charlie Connor's New Vintage Reeds, That's for you, Pete!,A Flight of Fancy,Roger Marks and his Mainstreamers with Craig Milverton,'S Wonderful,Roy Williams, Frank
Brooker & The Billy Harper Trio,In Swing Time,John Barnes, Roy Williams & The Craig Milverton Trio,Live in Germany, TJ Johnson's Bourbon Kick,Celebration - Forty Years,Zenith Hot Stompers,Special Delivery,Clarinade of Music,Pete Allen,Jazz at the Strathallan,Ken Colyer's Jazzmen 1978,Jazz at the Strathallan,The Rod Mason Band 1977,Magic moments
from the 15th Bude Festival,Bude Jazz Festival 2002 Compilation,Jazaffinity,Jazz at the Strathallan,Scaniazz,Live at Towersey Manor & Summerleaze Hotel,Third Degree,About Time,Jack Carter,Fair and Square,Pete Allen Jazz Band,Setting
The Standards,The Denise Lawrence Band featuring John Hallam,Banjollity,John Whitlock's Banjorama,Threeflow,The Craig Milverton Trio,Legacy,The Ron Russell Legacy,In The Good Old Summertime,Gota River Jazzmen,Not So Dusty,Original
Rags,Tommy - Live, As You Remember Him,Tommy Burton